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APEC 延长 F1 VISA 至 5年计划对于留学生申请绿卡的影响

至 5年, B1/B1旅游签证延长至 10年的计划。 一旦此计划实施为法律,将对中国大陆
留学生申请美国绿卡具有很大影响。 以下仅就留学生中最关心的问题做一个简介。

留学生通过EB5投资移民, EB2NIW国家利益豁免申请绿卡所关心的签证及旅行问题将获

目前, 越来越多的赴美留学生希望通过 EB5 投资移民,或者 EB2NIW国家利益豁免的
方式申请美国绿卡。 EB5的优势是对于申请人个人的专业成就没有要求,EB2NIW的优势
满足EB2NIW举证要求。 这两类绿卡申请方式都不需要获得美国雇主的支持,所以不需
要通过繁复多变的PERM 劳工审查程序。对于很多大学生,硕士生,或者是尚未发

期,但是预计 2015年5月将很有可能建立排期。而EB2NIW则一直有排期。

而如果F1签证延长至 5年,则可以在相当大的程度上减除这一忧虑。 因为F1签证一旦
申请到,可以在 5年期间不需要重新申请F1签证,所以不会有因为递交了 EB5 投资移
民或者EB2NIW移民申请而在5 年中有被拒签F1 签证的风险。

但是我们需要指出的是, F1签证并不等同于F1身份。F1签证是一个旅行文件。而F1 身
份是留学生在美国停留的合法依据。 美国移民局自1968年以来,政策一直很明确,凡
是在美国保持有效F1身份的留学生,即使递交了移民申请,无论批准与否, 都可以继
续保持其原有的F1身份。 而对于已经递交移民申请的F1持有人是否可以在美国因为转
学,升学等原因需要申请一个新的F1身份问题,一直没有一个明确的政策规定。 我们
的客户中,有些在递交了 EB5 有条件绿卡申请,并等待批准期间,成功的获得了新的
F1身份。 然而从移民法角度分析,在递交了移民申请后,如果申请新的 F1身份,比如

为此,我们建议留学生如果希望在校期间通过EB5或者 EB2NIW申请绿卡,最好在开始进

留学生申请绿卡造成影响。 但是目前这还仅仅是一个计划。 我们律师事务所将密切关


Lately, our law firm helped a researcher in the research field of chemical
physics receive an approval of his NIW petition.

The client received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics, and currently works
as an Associate Specialist at one of the leading research universities in
the U.S. His research specializes in high-resolution photoionization and
photoelectron spectroscopy of transition metal-containing molecule, and ion-
molecule reaction dynamics relevance to chemistry of planetary atmosphere
and aerospace environment.

For filing his EB2NIW petition, the applicant had the following documentary
evidence on his research achievements: 1) more than 15 papers published in
highly regarded peer-reviewed journals, including Astrophysical Journal,
Journal of Chemical Physics (JCP), etc.; 2) 2 conference presentations; 3)
65 research citations of which 38 are self-citations and 27 are independent
citations from others; 4) 3 reviewer experience; and 5) 5 recommendation
letters (4 independent expert opinion letters, and 1 supervisor opinion
letter). For recommendation letters, using our letter templates, the
client prepared his current supervisor opinion letter and independent expert
opinion letter. Afterwards, to speed up his NIW preparation process, he
asked us for our letter drafting service and we drafted 3 independent expert
opinion letters for the client based on his personal statement and other
supporting information he provided to us.

When the extent of the applicant’s original and novel contributions in the
field is evaluated by USCIS, the reviewing officer examines citation
evidence showing the number of cites to the applicant’s published findings.
Typically, the number of independent citations is indicative of the
impact/influence of the applicant’s original discoveries and contributions
in the field of endeavor.

Although the beneficiary’s/applicant’s work is claimed to be original and
novel, the expert opinion letters may also need to show that his research
contributions are considered of ‘important/practical’ significance in the
field (‘major’ significance for EB1 criteria). This can be done by giving
examples of other researchers in the field citing the applicant’s work or
considering his work to be influential in the field.

In this exemplified case, because the applicant’s number of independent
citations was not large/strong enough, in light of the number of his
published papers, we focused on describing, in the experts’ opinion letters
, examples of how other researchers in the field rely upon the applicant’s
work or consider his work to be influential in the field.

Through the drafting and revision process between the applicant and our law
firm, we guided and helped the applicant describe in detail in his expert
opinion letters, how his research results/findings have been used,
implemented, or referenced by other researchers in the related fields, and
identify some prominent or leading scientists citing the applicant’s work
and how their work was influenced by the applicant’s work.

For example, highly accurate energetic information and structural properties
of transition-metal molecule from the applicant’s original research
findings were used for benchmarking advanced computational methods for
reliable prediction of complex transition metal-containing molecules. This
was exemplified by providing detailed information on leading scientists who
cited the applicant’s work and their cited works. Through his expert
opinion letters and citation evidence, the applicant sufficiently
demonstrated that some of leading scientists from around the world have
acknowledged the value of his work and its important significance in the
field of chemical physics.

The applicant’s EB2NIW petition was filed to USCIS (NSC) and was later
approved in 3 months and 14 days without Request for Evidence (RFE).

Our law firm has substantial experience for more than 18 years to help
postdoctoral researchers, professors, engineers, and other advanced degree
professionals apply for green card applications in EB1A, EB1B and EB2NIW, as
well as nonimmigrant status in O1, H1B, etc. For more information, you can
visit our website at www.sunlawfirm.us/KoreanPage.htm.

We provide Free Evaluation services. If you are interested in a Green Card
application, please email us your resume, the number of citations of your
works, and your main contributions to alicesunlaw@gmail.com. Subject: Green
Card Application.

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